Slowly We Rot #8 / 2016

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Slowly We Rot #8 / 2016 (English written, factory printed, 64 glossy pages, A4 format) Featuring interviews with: 6:33ANCIENTARCHGOATDEAD CONGREGATIONENFORCERGOATWHOREGRAVEWORMKATAKLYSMMERCYLESSMORBID SLAUGHTERNUCLEAROVERKILLPENSEES NOCTURNESREANIMATORUNDER THE CHURCHWOMBBATH   + Merchants of Death section: Fekete Terror Productions, Old Temple, Vulgar Records   + Rising Demons section: Bestia, Cosmic Eve, Drap, HellGoat, Infected Chaos, Infection, KillRazer, Legion, Spine Crown, Tyrael   + Fresh Assaults section: BitchHammer, Designs of Chaos, My Silent Wake, No Salvation, Otargos, Plutonian Shore, Premortal Breath + FREE Compilation CD!!!   By default shipping is Priority Standard (without tracking number), if you would like to change for Registered shipping (with tracking number) please email