Slowly We Rot #11 / 2018

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  Slowly We Rot #11 / 2018 (English written, factory printed, 60 pages, black/white, glossy, A4 format) Featuring interviews with:   Acedia Mundi Altar of Flesh Asgrauw Black Altar Cien Creatures Daemonos Deus ex Machina Distillator Fell Fractured Spine Furtherial Godless Truth Harmdaud Infinitas Inquisitor Legacy of Emptiness Mangler Mausoleum Mentally Defiled Monolithe Nightfall Omicida Sombre Croisade Superbeast Teloch (Mayhem, Nidingr, Orcustus) Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf Totengefluster Xakol   + vintage interviews (a Swedish Death Metal History with GRAVE, VOICES OF WONDER about the Euronymous murder and other), reviews, zine scene   + free compilation CD!   By default shipping is Priority Standard (without tracking number), if you would like to change for Registered shipping (with tracking number) please email    NOTE: If you have any problem with ordering or with your order please don't hesitate to email Thank you!