Slowly We Rot #10 / 2017

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Slowly We Rot #10 / 2017 (English written, factory printed, 56 glossy pages, black/white pages, A4 format) Featuring interviews with: Archeonic Balfor Basement Torture Killings Centrate Countess Decrepit Cadaver Edain Ekpyrosis Enslaved FS Projekt God Macabre Goresoerd Grand Head Hypothermia Krullur LLOTH Lunatic Hooker Maxdmyz Metallica (vintage interview from 1988) Midnight Prey Nagaarum Nattas Nuclear Aggressor Occult Deceiver Pulvis et Umbra Soulwound Spydor The Book of Armageddon (legendary US zine) Throneum Time Lurker   200+ reviews on audio and printed material! + FREE Compilation CD!   By default shipping is Priority Standard (without tracking number), if you would like to change for Registered shipping (with tracking number) please email